Dip Dye Taper Candles Pack of Six

Dip Dye Taper Candles Pack of Six

Add a touch of class and colour to your evenings with these stunning, handmade, dip dye taper candles. Each candle is unique and may vary slightly in shape, size and colour. An ideal gift to yourself or a loved one. 


*Please note, in the event of your candle being too narrow for the holder you wish to use, I will include a small ball of blu-tac to keep your candle firmly and securely in place.- works a charm!

  • Care Instructions

    - Never leave a burning candle unattended - Never use a liquid for extinguishing - Only set up candles vertically - Do not place the candle in drafts or direct sunlight - Never move a burning candle - Keep out of the reach of children and pets - Never place a candle in the near of something that can catch fire - Shorten the wick of the candle to 5mm before lighting - Always leave at least 10cm/4 Inch between burning candles - Keep the melted wax free from foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings - Do not burn the candle more than 4 hours at the same time - Only burn the candle on a level fire resistant surface