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About Me

Life Coach with neuroscience and Wellness Facilitator

Welcome to my website. By virtue of the fact that you have clicked onto this website, you are already a step closer to enhancing your sense of wellbeing. My name is Jemma and I am a qualified Life Coach with Neuroscience. While my background is in education, I have worked for many years with groups of people in supporting them to realise their dreams. I am passionate about wellbeing and fully believe that every person has the potential to improve their quality of life no matter what circumstances surround them. You can begin any time, even this minute!  I offer you the invitation to explore who you are, what beliefs and values are most important in your life right now and what goals and desires you would like to bring into existence through a variety of approaches such as one to one coaching, journaling workshops, wellbeing programmes and retreats. Sound good? Great; I'm looking forward to connecting and partnering with you on this adventure.